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Beavertown / Burning Soul Sloth

Belgian Style Quad with Burning Soul from Birmingham. We decided to brew a beer based on the state of Acedia, which is considered by some to be to the precursor to Sloth, and what was noted as a problem amongst Monks and others which lived a solidary life, and affected their daily duties. Therefore it was decided to brew one of the classic Trappist-style beers, the Quad, which is also a style of beer which benefits from a hands-off approach in brewing, and in the cellar. The beer itself is very simple, brewed with Pale malts, Munich, DRC and Pale Chocolate, boiled with some Magnum for a light bitterness. Dark Belgian Candi Sugar was added to the boil, and the wort was fermented with a classic Belgian Abbey yeast, before undergoing a lengthy conditioning in stainless before packaging.


Type:Belgian QuadPrice 7.20
Alcohol Content:10.7 %
Bottle Size:330 ml
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